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US 41 Culverts, Charlotte County, Florida

Location Charlotte County, FL
Scope Of Work US 41 Culverts

Project Detail

Charlotte County public works retained GWE as the prime design consultant for the US 41 Micro tunnels, culverts, and weirs project. The project was the largest waterway control structure project ever installed in Charlotte County. It required the boring underneath US 41 of several large diameter culverts to increase flow. The purpose of this project was to provide a cost efficient set of construction plans that could be permitted through SWFWMD, bid and built efficiently with minimal conflicts. GWE provided stormwater modeling and update to an existing stormwater master plan for the US 41 Culverts located north of US 41 between Easy Street and Loveland Blvd. Construction plans and Specifications were produced for several areas including three crossings of US 41 as well as weir structures upstream of 41 and a box culvert project. GWE provided all the engineering designs for the micro tunnels, head walls, shoring, dewatering plans, maintenance of traffic plans, and utility adjustment plans.