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Sidewalk Design – Spinnaker Blvd & Sunnybrook Blvd

Location Charlotte County, FL
Scope Of Work Sidewalk Design

Project Detail

This project consisted of the design, and permitting for new sidewalks on Sunnybrook Blvd – (SR776 to Wilmington Blvd) (approx. length 3,675 ft.) and Spinnaker Blvd – (SR 776 to Wilmington Blvd) (approx. length 3,460 ft.). This project design included the work necessary to bring design plans to a state of construction-ready, permitting all applicable federal, state, and local, complete survey and as-built drawings necessary for the successful completion of this project, technical specifications, and public meetings. The plans were designed to current Charlotte County Standards. All residential driveways and sidewalks are 4” thick concrete (6” commercial driveway), and 6 feet in width.